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The 5 Biggest Hurdles to School Innovation

Source:  Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Amelia Harper, Education Dive

The economy is currently centered around innovation due to most workplaces being in a constantly state of change. The future workforce needs to understand this and learn to envision and create these innovative evolution’s. It’s more important than ever.

Chief Technology Officers, technology advisers and school media specialists/librarians must help education leaders learn the best ways to support this type of learning. Through newer technology and data sharing, schools can connect with each other to share case studies and efforts. Through colleges and districts, this type of exposure is critical for the success of the students. Adapting models and learning new design trends can save money and headaches.

The top issues in innovation within education has been digital equity issues, closing the gap between tech and pedagogy, engaging teachers in professional development and determining how technology in schools will impact the future workforce. CoSN recommends the best ways to fix these problems by suggesting that community organizations can provide more learning experiences. Educators should also be bringing these issues to the forefront and initiating discussions.

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