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Colleges Collaborate to Improve Career Services

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: James Paterson, Education Dive

The University Innovation Alliance are reviewing the barriers on university campus’s that students deal with as they go from college to the workforce. The study was formed in order to help students from being undervalued once they graduate and enter the workforce. It was shown that “four in 10 graduates are underemployed in their first job after college, and more than half of that group continue to be for a decade.”

While career services are offered on most campuses, students are saying that they need support in how they with perform once they have the job, not just getting them ready to find one . Some colleges are creating required milestones for students to have certain goals met, like deciding they major after a certain number of class credits.

Immersive and hands on curriculum lessons and opportunities raise more professional practice for students to engage in. This will help better connect their education with their future.

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Alisa Verratti