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The Future of Work Is Uncertain, Schools Should Worry Now


"If you could prototype a 13-year-old who is likely to thrive in the 2030 labor market, she'd probably look a lot like Emma Yang of New York City.

The private school 9th grader has already designed an app to help diagnose concussions. She's used neural networks to train computer programs to identify lung tumors. Her latest project, an app called Timeless, uses algorithms to help Alzheimer's patients recognize the family members in their photos.

Yang is insatiably curious. She asks big questions. And she has killer people skills.

"You don't have to be a doctor or a politician to effect change in the world," Yang told the crowd at her first TEDx Talk, delivered in July in Washington. "Solve the problems you see around you."

Elite-level technical abilities, the probing mind of a scientist, and a deft human touch: That's the experts' best guess about the combination of traits that will guarantee rewarding employment in tomorrow's economy."

Watch the video below for more about Emma's passion for coding: