K-12 Spaces

Visualizing 21st-Century Classroom Design


"So how do we encourage teachers everywhere to believe that great changes can happen in their classrooms? By helping them envision small, practical steps that will lead them there. Here are five elements of 21st century classrooms, along with concrete suggestions that teachers can visualize and implement today."

Element #1: Zones

"Instead of requiring students to learn, work, and think in one place all day, consider how your space might become more flexible."

Element #2: Accessibility

"To walk the talk of a real classroom community, we must ask ourselves if all of our resources are designed and arranged for the convenience of all learners."

Element #3: Mobility

"We need to be sure that we're not catering to just one type of learner. Be mindful of your introverts, extroverts, collaborators, solo thinkers, writers, dreamers, and fidgeters -- and design a flexible environment that can meet everyone's needs."

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