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Teachers, students happy with flexible seating classrooms

Source: edutopia.org

Source: edutopia.org

Source: Campbell University

What is Flexible Seating

Flexible seating, in sum, is a classroom designed to give maximum comfort for students. It incorporates seating arrangements that use modular chairs and tables so students can move around as they need.

The facts

“ [a teacher] used to have six tables that each seated four students in assigned spots. Now she has three tables, two rocking chairs, an easy chair, a futon, a short table to allow students to sit on the floor, rugs and pillows, and yoga balls to sit on.”

  • This allows students to be comfortable and the flexible seating. They are now able to work better in groups. Traditional desks are not only hard to move but also uncomfortable to conduct group work in.  

  • Clipboards are used for writing surfaces if they chose not to seat at a table. Teachers claimed that this style of learning helped her students absorb the material better.

  • It also has been noted that a flexible classrooms allows students to feel more in control of their bodies. Thus resulting in better behavior. When a student feels cramped up and controlled all day, they are going to act out. In the case of flexible seating, they are able to move around.

Alisa Verratti