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School Culture Change More Effective if student-led

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Amelia Harper, Education Dive

School culture can make or break a students experience. This is all shaped by the school’s perceptions, relationships, rules and attitudes. These points, along with a safe environment, are what can encourage to succeed or not. Because of this, school’s need to make sure they are getting input on school growth from all sides.

44% of 6th graders say that their school’s culture have a positive impact. That percent only decreases as students get older with 28% of 11th graders thinking the school culture is positive. Because of this, school leaders need to ask students for feedback in order to add to the sense of inclusion at their schools. Discussing behavior and priorities with students can engage them to appreciate the facility more and vise versa. Leaders should learn how to incorporate students in private of public forms regularly in order to learn more about what makes students comfortable inside the school walls.

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