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Crafting Flexible Curriculum with Out-Of-The-Box Approaches

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Lauren Barack, Education Dive

California’s Exeter Unified School District decided to help increase student’s test scores by creating more opportunities for innovation and autonomy. Giving students a simple choice like whether they want to read fiction or non-ficiton can give them more of an incentive to learn and expand their skills .

Administrators can begin this innovative movement by starting with the teachers. Engaging them and respecting their input to use materials and lesson that work or don’t work can help the functioning of the entire school. Making the curriculum more flexible allows more experimental and effective models.

In order to create innovative curriculum’s, the space needs to reflect that as well. More schools have been integrating furniture that supports collaborative learning environments in order to foster more creativity.

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Alisa Verratti