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6 K-12 Trends to Watch in 2019

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Roger Riddell, Linda Jacobson, Jessica Campisi

Improvements in School Climate and Culture

Increased levels of school climate and culture are being made to boost things such as disciplinary practices to device driven learning areas. The idea of social-emotional learning has been prevalent with lesson plans by promoting soft skills and a development of empathy and compassion to peers. Mental health offerings and training for SEL are also increasing to create a more comfortable environment.

Public Investment In Early Childhood Education

Leaders in education, philanthropy and business sectors are trying to move past what states and the federal government are funding. Foundations and entrepreneurial organizations are helpings to take an interest in school districts serving young children. Initiatives from Harvard University and Jeff Bezos have been adapted to improve services for younger children.

Expansion of Leadership Models

Schools are continuing to expand on fostering new models for more responsibility to be given to teachers. Projects have been redesigning principal training programs. This will give school districts guidance in the area to provide administrators with more development in instruction and leadership.

Efforts to Boost Teacher Agency

As shown above, giving teachers more opportunities for leadership is adapting within many school models. Many principals have shared their experiences and how there’s a core principal within this movement. This principal zones in on giving everyone a voice to discuss their ideas and concerns. Teacher agency will not only expand leadership opportunities but further innovation.

Inspiring Change Through Accountability

There is an emphasis on holding entities and people responsible for their results. This means not only putting an end to what’s not working but also, to encourage improvements or advancements. By having states take accountability for their students performances, there is a strong push for enhancement. This causes each group to try harder in bettering their district.

Creating More Professional Development Opportunities

Teachers are asking for more professional development opportunities that are “collaborative, personalized and relevant.” They also want these opportunities to be offered in a variety of platforms such as workshops to webinars. Teachers are suppose to help students grow continuously, stay enthusiastic and have a positive outlook on learning. In return, teachers need the same support from their districts.

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