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Want to Hook Young Students on STEM? Maintain a Sense of Awe

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Lauren Barack, Education Dive

Real-life examples are an innovative to liven a curriculum. Exposure to STEM is important at an early age but it’s crucial for it to be engaging. “Forcing students to memorize periodic table likely isn’t the best tactic, destined instead to glaze young eyes over very quickly. “ says Barack. The curriculum needs to reflect an adaptive and real life approach or else the relevance is lost.

Coding and robotics is also a helpful way to integrate STEM into a student’s education. LEGO has created a line allowing students to build robots with new coding kits. The key is weaving projects like this into the classroom.

Educators want students to learn but when engaged and excited, test scores and overall understanding is increased. STEM lessons that give some control to the students along and apply to the real world, can further passions and desires for these educational areas.

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Alisa Verratti