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Using Art in Assessments Can Lead to More Creativity

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Lauren Barack, Education Dive

There has been a shift away from the traditional multiple choice exams and instead heading towards more flexible options. In some cases, this helps to highlight student’s soft skills rather than just having them color in a bubble.

For students learning English, this can be extremely helpful. In more abstract subjects, providing a creative way for students to express themselves can give teachers a better idea of what children are retaining and what they are still struggling with. Common Sense Education’s, Erin Wilkey Oh, explains how “art is a universal language that makes way for students to showcase their cultures and identities while posing less pressure to assimilate.”

Tom Meyer at the State University of New York explains that mixing drawing and writing can allow students to express themselves and their feelings about a learning process much more sufficiently. This also gives students a chance to become more innovative and educated in the arts.

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