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Creative Marketing Turns School Events into Networking, Branding Opportunities

Source: Education Dive

Source: Education Dive

Source: Amelia Harper, Education Dive

Districts need to look at new strategies to help turn school events into opportunities to network. They must learn how to connect with the community and gain trust and respect in order to build support. Branding a school and making it stand out is important in this day in age. Social media helps school’s and districts to get recognition and support from their community and partners.

Experiential marketing is a strategy that helps turn school events into a branding event. This has three elements: 1) a live, multi-sensory experience 2) strategic branding touches before, during and after the event 3) a follow up that causes emotion and engages the community.

Another method mentioned is “phygital” strategies. These consist of physical and digital interaction in order to supply a face-to-face and media-driven presence. This creates a larger sense of engagement and keeps people feeling connected and appreciated.

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