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K–12 Modern Learning Environments Can Be Built Outside of the Classroom

Source: KI Media Center Collection

Source: KI Media Center Collection

Source: Calvin Hennick, EdTech Magazine

Schools across the country have been embracing modern learning environments. This movement incorporates classroom design with flexible furniture, technology and devices for students and teachers. This initiatives are now breaching outside of the classrooms walls.

Districts have now been transforming libraries, lounges, cafeterias and hallways where students can connect with reach other and teachers. This type of collaboration helps students to feel comfortable no matter where they are and also feel the need to engage and ask questions.

Libraries now double as media centers for students giving them access to flexible seating and innovative technology. Stepping outside of the classroom and still keeping students interested in learning in a crucial theme to adapt. Giving them “an environment where they can come together and work” with new ways to do this can increase student’s achievement.

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Alisa Verratti