r.a.d. scholar


r.a.d. scholar 

At Corbett Inc. we recognize that the students of today will be the innovators of the tomorrow and we want to be a partner in your success. The following scholarship opportunities are not meant to add to what seems like a never-ending list of coursework, but is an opportunity to become a real-life game changer.


Project R.A.D.

This scholarship was designed to test your critical thinking skills, ability to use applied research, and most importantly your initiative to collaborate with interdisciplinary majors. YES, this is a collaborative scholarship and each member will earn the same reward amount. As universities and colleges determine to define the new face of higher education, new trends such as academic collaboration have made its way into the classroom setting. Even corporate offices have adopted this new way of working. Your goal as a team is to find a solution to one of the design problems listed below provided by KI. The only guideline is that all members of the group must come from different majors (example: Industrial Designer, Marketing, Architect)!

To get started, explore the live archives of r.a.d. to create a basic building block of knowledge and research. Your final submital can be anything from a fully-developed concept to a physical design of a product or space! 

Download the Full Scholarship requirement Here  

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The following is scholarship was designed to test your critical thinking skills, ability to use applied research. Gather your inner game-changer  

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